Global Musicians' League International Music Summer School 2024

    24th-29th July 2024 |Embark on an extraordinary musical journey with us!

    Global Musicians' League IMSS Courses 2024

    Held at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

    GML International Music Summer School Courses

    At GML International Music Summer School, we offer two exceptional courses tailored to the unique needs and interests of our students. These courses are designed to provide a comprehensive musical experience that caters to both advanced pianists and music lovers of all levels.

    Master Music Course

    Our Master Music Class is specifically designed for advanced students seeking professional training and development. This course delves into the finer aspects of performance, ensuring that participants can enhance their skills in technique, musicality, musical style, and career development.

    In this professional programme, students will work closely with world-class musicians in one-to-one lessons, refining their skills and improving their performance level. The course also includes engaging lectures, workshops, and various activities designed to enrich the learning experience. Participants will have the opportunity to perform in masterclasses and showcase their talents in a recital concert at the end of the programme at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Concert Hall.

    The Master Music Course emphasises individualised attention and guidance to support students in achieving their full potential as musicians.

    Philharmonic Music Course

    The Philharmonic Music Course caters to music enthusiasts of all levels, focusing on fostering a love for the instrument and nurturing young students’ interests. This course offers small group teaching sessions, where students can benefit from personalised instruction and a supportive learning environment.

    Participants in the Philharmonic Music Course will explore essential skills such as rhythm, sight-reading, and ensemble playing through a wide range of classes, including musicianship, Kodály method and Alexander Technique workshop. Students will also have the unique opportunity to observe masterclasses and concert rehearsals, benefiting from the expertise of renowned artists and witnessing the development of their fellow students. The world-class atmosphere and experiences will enrich each participant’s musical understanding and growth. Our dedicated team of professors will work closely with each student, providing guidance and encouragement to help them flourish as musicians and nurture a lifelong passion for music.


    As part of GML’s Summer Music Course, students studying any instrument will have opportunities to interact with participants from other sections during course-wide activities. This interaction further develops their skills as well-rounded performers through engagement with a diverse range of musicians and live music-making experiences.

    Enrol in our GML Summer School Music Courses and embark on a transformative journey that nurtures talent, fosters creativity, and provides a supportive environment for growth and development in the realm of musical performance.

    Global Musicians' League International Music Summer School 2024

    24th-29th July 2024 |Embark on an extraordinary musical journey with us!

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