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    Deepening International Music Education Cooperation – Professor Xiaogang Ye Leads Team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Conservatoire on Visit to the UK

    From January 31 to February 1, 2024, at the formal invitation of the Global Musicians League (GML) and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK, a delegation led by Professor Ye Xiaogang, Principal of the Shenzhen Conservatoire at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, visited the United Kingdom. This visit marked a significant milestone in establishing deeper cooperative relations between the Shenzhen Conservatoire and the British music education community, aimed at enhancing international exchanges and cooperation in the field of music education and promoting the joint development of culture and arts.

    Professor Stephen Maddock (Left) Professor Xiaogang Ye (Right), Photo©JAPHETH LAW

    During the visit, Professor Ye Xiaogang and the delegation members engaged in in-depth exchanges with the leadership of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the Global Musicians League. This included extensive discussions with key figures such as Professor Stephen Maddock – Principal of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Professor Lamberto Coccioli – Deputy Principal, Professor Julian Lloyd Webber – President of GML; and Candian Li, CEO of GML, covering academic and research collaborations, student exchange programs, and the organisation of joint artistic events. The delegation also conducted a site visit to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire to gain a deeper understanding of its teaching philosophy, academic research, and cultural atmosphere.

    Professor Xiaogang Ye, Professor Stephen Maddock,  Professor Lamberto Coccioli, Candian Li, CEO of GML, Photo©JAPHETH LAW

    Professor Ye Xiaogang expressed at the meeting, “I am very pleased to come to Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest international city, which is known as the most culturally diverse city in the country. Birmingham has become the most rapidly developing cultural centre in the UK in recent years, especially renowned internationally for its symphony orchestras and jazz bands. The cultural and artistic atmosphere of its international districts is mesmerising and uplifting. A great city will nurture a great conservatoire, and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire is such an institution. The Shenzhen School of Music at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) will also aim to match the standards of internationally renowned art schools, with the blueprint of becoming the cultural and artistic flagship of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.” Principal Ye highlighted the current status of the School of Music in terms of its operations, admissions, construction, research, international exchanges, and major performances, as well as the main premium projects and artistic directions for future cooperation.

    Global Musicians’ League, Shenzhen Conservatoire and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Formal Meeting at RBC, Photo©JAPHETH LAW

    Candian Li, CEO of GML, also highly praised the visit, “We are honoured to support and be part of this important visit. It not only deepened our cooperation with top global music education institutions but also provided a valuable practical opportunity for the international music education exchanges advocated by GML. In the future, GML will continue to promote in-depth cooperation with the global music education community, dedicated to promoting the exchange and development of music culture worldwide.”

    Group Photos at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Photo ©JAPHETH LAW

    This visit successfully established a solid foundation for cooperation among the Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Conservatoire, GML, and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, indicating more extensive and deeper exchanges and cooperation in the field of international music education in the future. Through joint efforts, all parties will contribute to the prosperity and progress of global music education, cultivate more international music talents, and jointly promote the sustainable development of global music culture.



    在访问期间,叶小纲教授和代表团成员与英国皇家伯明翰音乐学院以及全球音乐家联盟的领导层进行了深入的交流。这其中包括与皇家伯明翰音乐学院院长Stephen Maddock教授、副院长Lamberto Coccioli教授、以及GML首席-前院长Julian Lloyd Webber教授和GML首席执行官Candian Li等高层的广泛讨论。讨论内容覆盖了学术科研合作、师生交流项目、以及联合艺术活动的组织等方面。同时,代表团还实地考察了皇家伯明翰音乐学院,深入了解了该院的教学理念、学术研究及其文化氛围。


    GML首席执行官Candian Li也对这次访问给予了高度评价:“我们很荣幸能够支持并成为这次重要访问的一部分。此行不仅深化了我们与全球顶尖音乐教育机构的合作关系,也为GML所倡导的国际音乐教育交流提供了宝贵的实践机会。未来,GML将继续推动与全球音乐教育界的深入合作,致力于在全球范围内推广音乐文化的交流与发展。”


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